Tamas Mechanical, Your Diligent HVAC Company

TAMAS Mechanical was founded in 2008. Our services cover Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. We provide quality services as per code requirements. We provide complete installation, repair, and maintenance services for HVAC products. TAMAS Mechanical provides services to customers belonging to both residential and commercial sectors.

Safety Measures and Professional Installation

TAMAS Mechanical takes extreme measures to protect its technicians and the occupants at the project. Our technicians are well prepared and experienced to work around the electrical currents while fixing, installing, and servicing your HVAC products. We have all upgraded types of equipment; wire strippers, wrenches, and vacuum gauges, which are necessary to ensure the safe installation of your HVAC products. We take the following safety measures for our technicians:

  • Face shields to protect against harmful HVAC fluids and gases.
  • When there are hazardous air pollutants, we make sure respiratory protection is required.
  • Our technicians wear hard helmets while operating in locations wherein fallen items and low-hanging rafters might be risky.
  • To keep flying items and debris out of the technician’s eyes, we use safety glasses.

We follow all the measure guidelines issued by Technical Standards and Safety Authority.

Furnace Repairs, Installations, and Maintenance

Heating and air ventilation systems are vital for residential and commercial activities. It is inconvenient when a furnace in the house, office, or business building breaks down; it might be more than just an unpleasant experience. Pipes may freeze every time the heating in your home turns off.

There is also the possibility for pipes to explode if they are freezing, and this can cause considerable damage to your property. TAMAS Mechanical, will diagnose the problem and offer you a breakdown for the cost to repair or replace the part. Both repair and installation should be left to certified technicians since they need the skill to complete effectively. We will assess and diagnose the problem promptly, determine a solution, and offer durable service 24/7.

Air conditioning repairs, installations, and maintenance

TAMAS Mechanical offers Air conditioning services at a reasonable price. An Air conditioner is an important machine to combat the hot temperature, due to the rise in humid climate during summer, it is a necessity in every household and commercial environment.

We supply air conditioning solutions from respected and advanced HVAC companies, as well as hands-on AC installation, maintenance, and service contracts by highly certified air conditioning service experts.

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In addition to all the other services, TAMAS Mechanical offers rooftop units. Rooftop units have all HVAC components (heating, cooling, ventilation, filtration, and humidification) combined into a single, big unit, all in one place, which provides better access for maintenance and service.